Is there an enable input element available?


I was wondering if there is some enable/disable input element available? Couldn’t find anything in the library…


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@umiumansa Download the ‘Ionic Elements’ plugin, it has the toggle feature.


Thanks there!

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I see there’s no way to trigger a workflow with the toggle input :neutral_face:

In the workflows, you can use something like the: Do when condition is true.

So ‘if Ionic Toggle is Yes’ then do something or ‘if Ionic Toggle is No’ then do something.

I’m not on my computer right now so sorry for the lack of screenshots. What’s the use-case? I might be able to give you a better example.

It’s linked to my other question on overriding the values of forms based on one input element’s choice.

I want to force values in some fields once the toggle is checked. Now I can only set default values and hide elements, but that’s only in hope the user hasn’t already modified the inputs in which value has to be forced:

When toggled: the visa type, country of application, arrival date and method of application have to be forced. I can already force them in the “create new thing” workflow, but I’m worried that displaying value A and recording value B would be confusing. So instead I need to force the values.

@umiumansa Would it work if all these fields were disabled until the user checks the toggle? Therefore you wouldn’t run into the issue of a user inputting data into the fields first and worrying about over-ride.

You could disable all inputs at default, then ‘enable’ certain inputs for editing once the user selects whether or not an extension is needed.

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Duh! Why didn’t I think about that? :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Sweet! Let me know how it works out

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