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Toggles (Ionic, Better) don't have input disable option anymore

My Ionic toggle elements used to have a condition to disable the input. It’s gone. What happened? The same for the better toggle plugin.

thanks everyone.

Hi Prograds ! I have same problem. Any solution ?

Unfortunately, Bubble leaves something to be desired in some things, all of a sudden the business disappears with the functionality.
When you contact support for some bugs that are already known they just don’t solve it and we have to keep coming up with alternatives to work around the problem. Terrible!
These are the things that take away credibility!

Hi. Did you contact them about this specifically?
It makes a big difference for me since now some users can toggle things they shouldn’tbe able to toggle! Like an approval.!

Hi !
not yet, I’m researching more before submitting to support. Any return I post here!

Ricardo, i did a bug report and they said they fixed it. Have a look.

Hi Prograds !
Yesterday I also reported the bug and they told me they would look into it but I didn’t get any feedback that it was fixed.
Thanks, I’ll check it out!

Solved !
Thanks Bubble !