Is there any limit for database columns?

Hi everybody,

I created 18 inputs field and but only 7 appear in the database and only 1 data is collected in the database.

It’s strange. Can somebody help me please?

Thank you

Hey @ulrich_00132,

Have a look here:

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MAGIC !!! Thank you @mebeingken. But I still have a problem. All my field with “number content or value” like age, phone number etc… show me an error message. But I don’t know why. I’ve set all field as a number in the data base and in the workflow.
But it want me to choose: GSM = Input Tel GSM’s Value and more (why more)??.

Your field data type must match your input type. Change the element content format to something that evaluates to a number (integer, decimal, etc.)

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Thanks it works.
I set email as a text in data type, even it mach my input type, it doesn’t work.

Big thanks for your help. I appreciate.