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Data > New View -- is this a traditional Database View?

I’m running into the table column limitation? is it a bug? Where the table only shows 7 columns. I see that folks have worked around this by creating a new view. I’m not a database expert, but from what I do know, database views and creating a “new display view” to get around this 7 column limitation (or bug) are two different things? Is creating a new view really the best way to fix this?

Yes, the ‘view’ here is purely presentation, so you can show different fields and filter on rows.

It is nothing to do with the way your app accesses your data, so it is not a traditional view in that sense.

Thanks for that Info Nigel, and the quick response. How does one get to know/understand the idiosyncrasies with this platform? At times I find it very frustrating…

Yes, it can be frustrating at times. But keep trying stuff and ask for help when you need it. It isn’t a huge learning curve but there is a bit of a slope :slight_smile:

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