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Is there any way to get line breaks in html elements?

I’m using an html element to display text stored in a database.

In the database, the text is displayed with line breaks, but when I display it in the html element, the line breaks disappear.

Is there any way to display the text with the line breaks intact?

Use the text element instead?

This may help.

The repeating group was slow to display, so I used the html element, and the display got faster.

So I didn’t use text element or group.


it will help me!!

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Maybe there is something on how your repeating group’s search is structured. If you share it, we could refactor it.

This is not because of SEARCH.

If the RG contains many components such as images, text, etc., the RG is slow to display.

So I tried to make the RG with HTML elements. The display became about 10 times faster, so I use HTML elements.

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