Is this a Bug? Data / Apps Data ~ Missing Field Titles % Entries

  1. Data / Fields for type [Type Name] ~ One Text Field defined.

Data / Apps Data ~ Text Field Name AND Creator Name missing from Table.

Data / Apps Data / New Entry ~ created two items in the list.

Data Apps Data ~ reports 2 entries (displaying 2) Table shows Title Created Date and two entries, but all other columns and entries are blank.

Hi @simon.bolingbroke Simon,

Everything works fine on my side. Do you have more information, screenshots of what you experienced? In DEV or LIVE mode? An example you can share?

Hi JohnMark,
Not really sure what was causing it ~ Certainly not my Browser, PC, or Broadband connection, but after several restarts of the App, then Browser, then PC, then Router, and still the problem (fault find by elimination); I waited a couple of hours and then went back for another look…

All working properly again! So, I haven’t a clue what it was except it could only be a “net glitch” way up in the clouds.

Whatever, thanks for replying, I am grateful, but all OK now.

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Great to hear. Welcome to Bubble :slight_smile:

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