Lost data from a key table


I have a table with about 20 entries in it. There are about 30 fields per record … my app started misbehaving today because for two of the records two fields hadnull values when they should both have beenpopulated by an integer. This is a fairly new addition to the app , but I’m convinced that on Thursday the data was there … today it wasn’t. I’m thinking there must be a logical explanation but it eludes me. Has anyone seen anything like this. I’m wondering if someplace where I update these tables is blanking those fields … but I certainly have not "coded " that anywhere.

Any help gratefully received :slightly_smiling_face:


This doesn’t really give us anything to go on. Have you tried restoring the database to Thursday to see if the values were present then? Have you gone through server logs to find where that data was changed? It’s highly unlikely this is a Bubble issue but maybe you have another workflow that makes changes to that thing and sets a field to empty, or a backend workflow that runs after a couple of days.


Thank you … good points. I was just hoping it might ring a bell with someone. I’ve not really got into server logs, I’ll take a look.