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Is this a Bug? Has anyone noticed it's significantly faster to load images with Repeating Group inside of a RG if the image is nested?

So I was testing displaying image on my app, then I noticed really weird technique/bug.

Here is the idea, I have data types called [USER] and [ITEM] and all the images goes to this [ITEM] and the [ITEM] with (Images) field is nested in [USER]. The behavior of the displaying image is significantly faster if you put Repeating Groups inside of RG.

So, the first RG has the Type of Content set to [USER] and Data Source) is set to [Current User] or [Search for USER], and then you place another RG in side and set the Type of Content to [ITEM] and set the Data Source to be [Current Cell’s User’s Item].

Repeating Group A

  • Type of Content : [USER]

  • Data Source : [Current User] or [Search for USER]

    Repeating Group B inside of Repeating Group A

    • Type of Content : [ITEM]
    • Data Source : [Current Cell’s USER’s Item]

If you swap either of Repeating Group A or B to a Group this will significantly slow down on displaying the images on my app.

Is this behavior a bug? I guess who knows right? but I think this is really weird behavior and it shouldn’t be so different on the downloading speed with regular Group.

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