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[Speed/Perf] Structure load Repeating Group Images faster

The experience on my app feels so slow when trying to display a list in a repeating group. I have a table of products and another of product images.

Here are the things I’ve tried:

  • Save images to S3 (this helped a bit)
  • Workflow to display a list in repeating group (no significant results)
  • Workflow to navigate to a page specific to a category of items (no significant results)
  • Process with Imgix to reduce quality to 25 (poorer performance)
  • Repeating group of images within a repeating group of items

I have not tried due to extra work it would require:

  • Adding “thumbnail image” as a new field on my products table (would like to have 3 or more)

Any suggestions on how to reduce lag on this app?

App in dev:

The Searches are what is slowing down the images.

For the Data Type: Product
Add a field titled “Images” (or something similar) - Data Type - Product Images (make a List)

Now add the images to the Product. The you can reference the Images more directly (current cells Product Images), instead of running Searches

Geoff | Wolfer Tech
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Thanks! I’ve been working on that for some time and was hoping I could avoid it. I figured at first that having the multiple tables that could be cross referenced was major part of the value of Bubble…

I’ve now put as much into one single table as possible, but still have latency issues with loading a repeating group if I want to be able to filter by the categories.