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Is this a bug or have I just never noticed before?

So I’m thinking I’m experiencing a bug and just want to check.

Example scenario:

I have a save button after a range of inputs (text inputs, dropdowns, checkboxes etc). These inputs are allowed to be blank.

On click of save button I have a workflow to make changes to a thing and a few other steps.

Now if ANY of the inputs are blank the entire workflow just doesn’t fire. Nada.

If ALL of the inputs have values the workflow fires as normal.

I’m fairly certain that previously you could have blank values, the workflow would fire just fine and it would just return blank values to any fields without a value picked up and continue on its merry way.

I’m fairly certain because I’ve had these workflow set up for months working just fine. I can’t say for sure when things started to fail as I’m only aware of it when I get reports from users.

Is this new expected behaviour or one of the many bugs breaking existing workflows that have been happening over the last few months?

Yup, that is how I have always understood it to work. If that behavior has changed to a new behavior where workflows don’t fire in the described situation, Bubble is certainly going to have some 'splainin to do. For what it’s worth, I just did a quick test, and I don’t see the behavior you are describing, so maybe a bug report is in order here.

I’ve had the same issue if different places on one of my apps now. I’ll have to narrow down if it’s a particular type of value being blank that causes the workflow to just not fire.

A bit frustrating to say the least.

Same view as @mikeloc In our app we save down records with blank input fields all the time, including doing so today. The workflow modifies the record based on whatever is in the various input fields, blank or not. If this were to change it would be a major, app breaking issue.

Yep this is what I thought.

I have this logic throughout various apps but it’s the second workflow to just randomly stop firing unless all values are present.

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