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Is this a bug? Select2

Hey guys,

Did anyone face a similar situation. The chrome console keeps throwing the below error

I have checked my app, and I don’t have any errors in it. Also, i can seem to trace the problem

The app link is

I traced the problem to the multi dropdowns on the page. For some reason, this error started to pop up! Once I deleted them the page loaded with no errors

@emmanuel do you want me to file a bug report for this, or am I doing something wrong here? (There are 3 errors and 3 multi dropdowns)

Hey @emmanuel

Should I submit a big report? Can you have a quick look please


This is a harmless message. What is the bug? A bug is a behavior issue, not necessarily a red message.

Ok thanks

I’ve raised a bug report on it. Hopefully can be fixed before the console error shows in the live app.

I have been seeing a few plugins like bubbles slideshow that have corrs errors aswell stopping referenced code/stylesheets from displaying.

These are usually from trying to access the images from external javascript, and Bubble’s S3 account is not configured to allow that.

Thats my point, bubble should know that but they have not included dependent content in an accessable way causing more data to fill the browser. Last night i got down to nothing more than a blank page with only 1 slick slider element and had results larger than @AliFarahat has there.

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Its been fixed, thanks @emmanuel and team : )

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