Is this even possible?

I’m working on a organization app. Do you think it would be possible for a user to forward an email (from the email they used to create their account) of a receipt for example, to an email I designate like

The system recognizes the sender creates a Thing “receipts” and drops into that users receipt folder.

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I would doubt it could be done with any of the run of the mill emails eg gmail and stuff but you could just create a database within your website and set a workflow to save the receipt generated when a user pays for something.

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I think Postmates has an incoming Email service with API connections

You can check them out


You could do it with Zapier - you get a zapier email address that you can connect to an api post back to bubble.



Zapier is definitely the easiest (and cheapest to get started) solution here.

But almost any good transactional email provider has the function you need - it’s called Inbound Email Parser.

Here’s the one from Sendgrid, for instance.


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Thank you! All great feedback!

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