Is it possible to get incoming emails into bubble and be able to reply to them?

Hi Bubblers!

I had a question for you all!

I am currently thinking to attempt to make a Customer Support System. In more detail, what I am trying to look to do is be able to have my customers create new support requests, and this would send them an email and also our support team and email which will end up on the support team board. Then I want my support team to be able to view the inquire on a page of the bubbleapp and reply to the support team request.

That is what I’m attempting to build, not sure if bubble can do this though! But this is a similar consent to Zendesk and all of the other Custom Support Team Software out there!

If anyone could help that would be wonderful!

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I think it is possible…take a look at the plugins for emails as well as searching the forum for the issue

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I think someone built an example using Sendgrid Parse. Search the forum for that phrase and you may be able to find the example.


Thank you so much! I’ll look into Sendgrid Parse! Thanks again! Happy holidays!

Yes I’ve done this.

My use case was setting an internal crm system where we wanted to combine 4 people’s inbox.

Created a New data type ‘Email’ with all the relevant Fields.
Created an endpoint in bubble to create new email when fired.
For each inbox I set up a zap in zapier to send the email to a webhook when a new email came in.
I use sendgrid to send the reply / outbound emails. From memory I use the sendgrid plugin air dev created.

I also sponsored a change to that plugin that everyone can use which gives delivered and read receipts back into bubble so we can stay on top of our emails.


Thank you so much for the advise! This may be the solution I was looking for, because I was reading about inbound parse and it looked complicated.

So the way that you set things up you are able to take four different email addresses and load them into the single data type?

Like if I wanted to have companyinfo@email, companysales@email, companyjobs@email all linked to a single data type from bubble so a user could see all emails from all three of the email addresses in a bubble built app, the steps you mentioned allow for that?

Yeh. You can have as many as you want.

If you want screen shots of the set up let me know.

Definitely, that would be incredibly helpful.

I hadn’t thought about the idea as it never occurred to me that it could be possible, but seems like a great way to help my future users.