Is this possible to do this

Hello everyone, hope you are all well
I am very interested in using this platform to create apps as I have very little understanding of coding (for now)

I want to create a app which displays shops in my town. I understand there is a way for users to input geographical information which other users can see (the first tuturial)

There are apps like just eat, deliveroo which ask for your post code so then they can show you what shops are nearby to you based on location /distance. Is there a way for me to do the same using bubble.

I will like to be able to create a input box from where users can input their location, and based on it nearby shops that I have added already can be visible. I don’t want users to be able to add shops but only the admin (me)

If this is possible I would really appreciate any helpful advice.
Thank you for reading, I hope I can learn quickly and contribute to this growing community


@thelolbrush welcome to the community!

All very doable with Bubble :grinning:

Here a video covering one part of your app idea:


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