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Pre-load Shops on a Repeating Group


I’m new to the bubble platform. I want to build an app where my users see a list of shops nearby after logging in without needing to already enter any information. I basically want my app to be aware of the current user’s location and then make a list of places (coffee shops) that are nearby.

I’ve seen apps on here that create a list in a repeating group after markers have been clicked on Google Maps. But in my app, I’d like the list to already be viewable in a repeating group so the user doesn’t have to go through clicking on each place on the map.

I’ve created a geographic address field in my User data type and another data type that is a list of shops with fields for the name, and address. How can I create something that shows the user a list of coffee shops nearby after they have opened the app? Without the user already having to create a list of coffee shops before hand.


You can use the Google Places API plugin to get the list of shops.
For the location, choose Insert dynamic data and then select Current Geographic position.
When a user visits this page they will get an alert asking them to allow your application to use their location.

Is there a way to also save the list into the app’s data?