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How To Build A Yelp-like App Without Code - Bubble Blog

Bubble lesson of the day: building Yelp! For now, we’re going to program a simple version that focuses on coffee shops. On Bubble, such an app takes about 30 minutes to build – starting from a white page!

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I am new to this, but have some knowledge of coding and hosting and im trying to create an app just like this, but specifically for local family owned business, as well as other types of sites where i think it would be useful for customers to navigate quicker. How would i host it so i could create this on the sites? or am i overthinking this

Hi there! If you are creating a new app/site, Bubble does all the hosting for you, so when you build your app and deploy the app into “live” mode, it’s up already. If you have an existing domain you want to use, you can set this up as well to link to your new Bubble app with any paid plan.


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Hi. Thank you for posting:

  1. How do you prevent duplicate coffee shops being added?
  2. How do you add a new review to an existing coffee shop?

I recently discovered It is AMAZING!! I have been in Software / IT industry for 20 years and never have come across such an amazing platform. I would like to know more about the features and functionalities of Bubble and also I like to know if Bubble code can be re-directed or made to work from my own TLD website url?