How to implement H1 - H6 for SEO

So… SEO is not super straightforward with Bubble, right?

I’m trying to figure out how to add H1-H6 to my pages for a little help. I get that I can put the H1 in the HTML header and be okay, but what about the other headings? How do I put in body HTML? Do I use the HTML element and



Anybody got ideas here?

I’d like to revive this. The tag dropdown only allows for “normal” and H1-H3. My understanding is that standard header tags go to H6, and I’ve had several people ask me how they can get their text elements (not HTML) to go beyond H3 since it looks like BBCode tags don’t apply. For example, [h4]Some Header[/h4]

Can we expand the dropdown to include H4, H5, and H6, @Bubble?

@cococubmobileapps, to answer your question (to an extent), go to Settings > SEO/metatags and check the box “Expose the type of tags for text elements.” You’ll see the dropdown in the image above for text elements (if you still don’t see it, remove any preset styles that might be applied).

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We just added that :slight_smile:


Thank you!! :raised_hands:

Thanks. A small change that will make a big difference for SEO structuring :+1:.

does this method works with header tagging? coz google and few seo tools cant detect mine.

Any reason why h1, h2 wraps a div.content ?

this is not good for W3C / SEO

I had a very same question and now I know a little more. I know this is not the reason to resurrect a 9 month old thread, but thank you for creating it, OP. BTW, I have another SEO related problem. My site is well optimised, but somehow I can’t get good traffic. One of my friends told me that I need organic natural linkbuilding for my site. And even found a company which can help me with that. Does it worth it? I’ve read on the internet that it’s a good SEO tool, but I want an opinion from someone who actually work in SEO.