Is user logged in condition not working in API workflow

I have a scheduled api workflow that runs through a list of users. There is a condition on the one of the steps within the workflow that checks if the user is logged in. the idea is that the user should get an email if they are logged out the moment this workflow runs. For some reason, it doesn’t send an email even though the user is currently logged out. Is this a bug? or does the condition “user is not logged in” not work within the api workflows?

The “user isn’t logged in” condition doesn’t work this way afaik. “the user” is referring to the current user who is on the website / app, which means it’s not really useable for api workflows as there is no user.

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Thanks @reger-alexander! After running several tests, I believe you are correct. It’s confusing that the option is there and I think it would be a good idea to remove it from the Bubble UI.

Any suggestions for how to put a condition on a workflow to respect whether a user on a list is logged in or not?

For more context, we built group chat functionality into our app and want to send people emails that are not logged into their accounts when someone comments in the group chat. If they are logged in, we are assuming they are seeing the in-app notifications that we create, and therefore don’t need to get an email.

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