Issue Checker Giving Error About Text Data Source

I have a page with a custom state. On the page is a repeating group with a data source which changes according to the text in the page’s state.

Everything is functioning properly, but the issue checker is giving an error - Dynamic data in text boxes must be printable as text. Instead this is an element.

Its as if the data source property is referring to the state of the page, instead of the data source of the repeating group. Is this a bug?

Can you share a link to the editor?

I had the same issue.
I do not know the reason, but I deleted the objects and created again, then the problem fixed.

when you hit something like that best is to file a bug report before deleting the element so that we can track that one down.

Sorry, I will do so for the next time.

@emmanuel :slight_smile:
Hi there! I am having the same issue. What should I do to fix this?
Thx, JG


Here’s that link: e=page&name=add_listing&id=transportainments&tab=tabs-2

I think you need to say, “input Name of vehicle’s value”

In each of these cases, you’re referencing the element instead of the elements value. You need to click the More button in each red section and specify the actual value you wanna use.

Thanks, @andrewgassen, for the speedy and helpful reply. That did the trick! :grin: