Dynamic Text on Repeating Group


I am trying to make a repeating group show dynamic text, but it isn’t working. The static elements show, but not the dynamic ones.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m on a very tight time schedule and am severely stuck. :slight_smile:

Here are some screenshots.

it looks like you’re forcing filters to be filled. Try checking “Ignore empty restraints”.

Still no luck. This is what’s being returned.

My Privacy Settings:

I looked at other forums, I set the Width and Height to “Fit Content” as they suggested, and I still didn’t have any luck.

is the source set correctly for the group containing the details is each cell? I assume each row’s contents are grouped in a group of type Autopart, but do you have any smaller embedded groups? are the part name: value grouped together for example? check the debugger it can tell you where data is not being fetched

there are text boxes within groups, if that answers your first question.

I don’t understand your second question, but I do have a screenshot above that may answer that.

They are not grouped together.

The debugger doesn’t say anything about Data being pulled. I am fetching data as shown in this guide.


You can try it out yourself here. The test data is “2013, toyota, camry, hybrid, wheel”

if you click a dynamic text you can inspect whether data is being pulled on not, like so:

  1. if it shows as empty, then data is not being pulled and data source needs reviewing,
  2. if is shows correctly then the problem is in layout or privacy, and e know it’s not privacy so it may be that text layer dimensions are too small to show the text.

Hope this helps. Can’t really think of anything else without seeing the editor so I hope this is enough.

Sorry for the late reply. I reached out to Bubble Support and got an answer.

You need to go to the element tree and make sure every single element in the repeating group had a data source, including groups.

Thank you for all your help.

yes exactly, it must be the data source. glad you were able to solve it.

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