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Finding/Editing Custom states for elements

Okay - so clearly the Signup/Login Popup has a custom state of “mode” related to it.
But how do I find out how this state is set initially? Seems to be empty by default - then changed in workflows.

Where is the custom state defined?

How can I see - or add - additional custom states for this instance of a reusable element?

Sorry - I dug through documentation — but it’s not clear to me — still a Newbie.

Is there a lesson related to this?

Hi @palanzo,

You can find custom states set on an element by clicking the “i” icon in the property editor for the elenent (upper right next to note and close icons). You’ll also be able to edit the states and create new ones.

To set a state’s value, you do this in a workflow. Element actions > set state. You’ll select the element and then the state. You’ll see that you can also create a new state for the selected element here as well.

Hopefully this clears some things up.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


When do you use custom states?
I’m a little confused on what is the use case for them?

Ive been playing with conditions tab and obtaining my objectives through it.

But what can a custom state allow?

Gaby! Thanks… that’s where the info was hidden.
I saw the state being set in conditionals, I see how to create a new state - but could not find existing custom states.

Is there any way to set the start condition for a custom state?

The login/popup was testing for mode= “signup” – or “login” or “empty”, I can see where specific buttons SET the mode to both “signup” and “login” — but I found NO setting for “empty” – and to me it looks like mode=“empty” is a string, but not an EMPTY string… ie. blank.


Did you find an action that sets the value to the word “empty” ? Generally, if it’s going to mean empty/no value, then you just leave it blank.

Either way, you can set the state upon page load so that it starts out with whatever value you want. When page is loaded > set state.

Thanks… I always forget the page properties box has no workflow - I have to select workflow from the side menu. Thanks,.

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