Question about collaboration

I just paid for bubble and have collaborative features, and I am working with a team member.

So while both of us are editing, great stuff. The problem arises when my colleague is still doing edits, while I am trying to do some feature/interface testing, and I can’t progress unless I ask my colleague to hold off editing; otherwise bubble will keep telling me that the page has been updated, and I will not be able to use the app until I refresh.

Realistically though, my colleague is actually working on some other page which is not relevant to what I am doing.

Is this something I just have to deal with? Or am I missing something here?

As far as I know, it’s just how it is. I’ve run into this problem each time I collaborate with another person.

It will be a great idea to suggest Bubble that feature. Meantime, you can save to LIVE and work from there.

O, no. This would make me crazy. I hope they can fix this.

The way it’s set up, I don’t really know how it could be different. An editor could be modifying data types and styles, so even if they aren’t touching the same “page” as you, they’re touching things that would impact the page. Tough situation. Branching, a la git, is probably the solution here, but that opens up a whole world of added complexity in an environment like Bubble.

Maybe an auto-save to LIVE each 5-10 minutes with an indicator when one minute last? @Bubble

Or, only update the PAGE you are on instead of the entire app.