Issue making changes to a thing

Having an issue making changes to a thing.

I have a data type of Saved Offer with field “Offer id” of type text. I’m attempting to make a change to thing in Saved Offer matching the Offer id criteria with input from a QR scanner holding scanned QR content of text. In testing, I can make changes to the thing without any constraints using the “Do a Search for” function. However when a constraint is applied such as “Offer id = This QR Scanner’s QR Content”, it yields no changes. I have also attempted using the “first item” and “filtered: first item” to no avail.

My workflow is triggered by clicking the “Scan” button. When the scanner has read the data, the “Make changes…” workflow is triggered.

My debugger shows this when checking each step:

NOTE: The “Redeemed” value is “no” indicating that the search and constraint did not make a match.

Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks.

Are you still having trouble with this? If so, I recommend reaching out to Bubble Support directly so the team can take a look at your app and recommend the most appropriate solution for your workflow.

Hey there @ibuomi.abibo,

Have you added an entry into your database to grab the first item of the data type?

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Thanks @rachel.williamson. I intend to do so.

Hi @johnny, yes I have entries already within the database. The scanner works and I have tested that it reads data and outputs the read data. The issue seems to be making changes to an attribute of the data from the scanned record. In this case, the attribute is Redeemed where I attempt to change it’s default value from “no” to “yes”.

My data as an example when read is seen in the image below. I’m having difficulty in ascertaining why it doesn’t change even when I walkthrough with the debugger.

@ibuomi.abibo - Did you ever get this fixed? I’m having a similar situation pop up on my end and I wasn’t sure if you found a way around this?

Not at the moment. I paused this for a while and shall catch up on this per my workflow.