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Issue with Bubble Core.min.js

There seems to be an issue with Core.min.js causing inconsistent behavior between the debug mode and the standard display mode. There is a data hand-off issue causing session delays with some plugins. It seems the data gets off by 1 factor of the users selection. This is adversely affecting DATE data for sure, causing data selections to be 2 steps behind. If I select Aug 1st i get null… when i select a new date now like August 3rd, the data accessed is Aug 1 from the previous selection.

Put bubble in debug mode and it is not an issue…

This is not with JUST my app… as it is happening in demo apps and other place too. It seems to be a issue with Core.min.js @ 9:8330

OK, I’ll bite: What’s core.min.js?

If you can distill it down to a simple test case that does not involve any third-party plug-ins, I would suggest submitting an official bug report.

i dunno what it is… i just keep getting the error in the console. But it says its in the from that script (core.min.js) … and not in the plugins. Also it is fine in debug mode and not when you are in standard view. So it seems like it is pointing to the bubbles

Not seen that. Point us to the page where you’re seeing the issues and we can tell you more about it… This is - more likely than not - a problem with a plugin you are using. You can this to preview your page without third-party plugins loaded:

(Or you can just append ?bubble_no_third_party_plugin=true&bubble_safe_mode=true&debug_mode=true to your URL)

Core methods are methods which may affect/handle several tooltips at once. Even i am alsp having an issue with it!

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