Issue with Conditional Workflows

Hi all,

I’m having 2x Conditional Workflows on my log in page, triggered by a log in button.

Worfklow 1 (green):
If an email variable ( ‘e’ ) is empty, then the user should be logged in and taken to the dashboard page.

Worfklow 2 (orange):
If an email variable is present ( ‘e’ ), then the user should be presented with pop-up that asks the user to choose a new password (they would have come from a sign-up email that someone else sent them).

Initially when I click ‘Log in’, the correct worfklow is triggered.

However, when I click ‘Run next’ in the debugger, the workflow changes to the other condition even though e is still empty:

Does anyone know why the orange workflow is being triggered even though e is empty? If I disable the orange workflow, when I enter username/password and click Log In the Green worfklow gets triggered but it stops before logging the user in…

Use case:

  1. User lands on log in page.
  2. User enters email and password and logs in.
  3. Debugger presents. The green workflow runs ‘Button Log in is clicked Get e from page URL is empty’ - this is correct. I inspect the data and it says ‘Get e from page URL: (empty)’ which seems correct
  4. I click Run next, and the workflow changes to the orange workflow ‘Button Log in is clicked and Get e from page URL is not empty’. e is still empty.

Is it executing the other actions of the orange workflow?

It looks like it’s only evaluating the condition of the orange workflow, bubble needs to check if the condition is true or false to decide what to do next.

So stupid, but I figured it out after 3 hours.

I had selected “is” and “is not” and manually typed empty, not realising that there are “is empty” and “is not empty” conditions I can select.

Even though they all appear the exact same way, selecting “is empty” and “is not empty” resolved this.

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