Issue with custom state

Good afternoon guys , need a little help figuring this out, I have a group containing 2 custom states one state “markup” is used in calculating the markup when the user adjust the value on an input box the value of this box is what the state is set to. After the state is set a conditional applies the state in a calculation of the selling price for the item. It’s perfect but the only thing is immediately I interact with the selling price value input an adjustments I make to the state doesn’t affect it again. The greatly reduces the users experience since they would have to refresh the page to get it working again. How do I prevent this ?

Where is this conditional? On an element or a workflow? How are you setting the custom state value in the first place? (maybe post a screenshot)

Sounds like you forgot to reset the repeating group the affected input element is in.

// edit: does not need to be a repeating group, can be any group that needs to be reset in this case


How are you setting the custom state value?

on the input change of the product markup fiield

I get caught up by that one sooooo many times.

just tried but i reset all the inputs in the field

Are you indicating more inputs than you would expect are resetted?
If so, create a sub group within the group and only reset this sub group.