Issue with repeating group not updating

Hey all, I have a repeating group that isn’t playing ball.

Basically I have some things in the repeating group that have an expiry date. When the expiry date is < Current Date Time they should disappear but alas they don’t.

I’m sure i’ve had this working in other scenarios.

Am I dealing with something here where the current date time caches and the repeating group will only filter out things with the expiry date < current date time at page load?

I think we had this problem with UAre when we were doing the similar thing, do you remember how we fixed it?

I think we were sneakily updating a field within the repeating group and it fixed it

exactly this.
If you want the date to change you need to refresh the page. An alternative is to have a state of type date, run a workflow that every x seconds updates the state to the current time and reference that state in your search.

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Are you trying to show the items that have expired or are yet to expire?
Either way, i cannot replicate the issue. yogini-maindola-portfolio (
Let me know if we can get in a quick call to take a look at your editor?

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