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Hi brains trust,

I’m trying to set up a workflow of a new or modified AirCalendar event to send meeting request via email. I can get the email to send and the ical etc works great (it creates an event for the correct time in recipient calendar), but I’m having issues with when the start and end time that displays in the email - it doesn’t display the correct date and time - I think it might be displaying a different timezone? iCal brings correct timezone, the calendar view in the live app does, but in the description it seems to be bringing back a different time zone.

Any ideas? Is there a setting somewhere I need to update?

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Hey @equibodyapp,

Saw @Bubble’s Tweet :wink: so I thought to respond :slight_smile:

Have you tried to format the data picker value to the User’s Current Time Zone?

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What you should do is check the box in the email workflow that is at the bottom of the dialogue and is named “Change the body of the email” then you can write whatever you want in the email and can add the dates/times in any format you wish them to appear.

Currently this is set up to send the times in Coordinated Universal Time AKA UTC AKA GMT+0000 which is why you are seeing that after the end and start times.

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Thanks for replying - is there no way to change the time zone it sends the times in?

I guess you suggestion is an OK work around for now, thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks @johnny, where would I find this setting? (newbie!)

@boston85719 I tried your suggestion but it doesn’t display as nicely :frowning:

Surely there is a way to change the timezone it sends the times in? Especially as it recognises the right time zone everywhere else.

In your image start time and end time where is says "Result of Step 1 (make changes to a)'s Start Date is click on it and add more dynamic data which hopefully there should be a format option

@johnny I got really excited for a minute! But then…:frowning:

Darn… this one got me stumped. So I’m assuming that the Start time and End time reflect what’s on the body of the email correct? If you know, I haven’t used this function ever so I’m not 100.

Unless there is another area where you input the body of the email

@johnny, see my first post for how it displays. It’s correct at the top bit, but in the description displays in the wrong time zone, even though it’s coming from the same dynamic data. Weird and really frustrating as it should be straight forward!

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Hmm… this is really weird and frustrating like you said :joy: Tapping in @J805

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I’ve worked out how to make new and modified events work correctly via the apple mail app (displays a nice banner in the email to add or update depending on which it is, and does actually modify the existing calendar entry). Gmail app doesn’t play nice, shows appointment nicely but no ‘add’ button to add it into your calendar. This seems to be a specific problem with the gmail app and ical from my research.

I haven’t tested android yet and I’m still working out how to cancel an appointment that is deleted but I think it’s an issue more to do with how my workflows are set up for the deletion which makes it hard to set a workflow to trigger the meeting request as it should be straightforward, just need to set sequence, method and status correctly for it to recognise it needs to modify an existing calendar entry.


There is not, which is why I use the method I provided as a means to ensure the user who receives the email sees the dates and times according to their timezone, because the pre-formatted way only displays it in UTC, which is how the iCal file is structured (I believe).

Not sure what issue you have with the formatting you created in the body. From the screen shot it looks fine to me. Only issue I see with it is that you omit the date and time of the meeting.

When you fix that and you add the date and time to the Body of the email you need to then format it the way @johnny is advising, but you need to make sure the ‘current user’ is the one who is receiving the email, otherwise you need a way to track what is the email recipient timezone and use the dynamic timezone option in the format dialogue.


Yeah, that’s frustrating. Might be worth sending bubble a support email about it since it looks correct in one place but not the other.

I would recommend the same as @boston85719 and just display how you want it in the body. When you save a date as a text field in your database then you can display it in the body of the email easier. So you can have two fields, one is the actual date type and one is a text type for display purposes. I had to do this for PDF creation as well because where ever the PDF gets created would change the time on me too.

Anyways, hope that helps a bit. :blush:


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@boston85719 my last post I showed how I had set it up and made it work using your suggestion :slight_smile: , I added in start and end time in to the body text and it allowed to me custom format because it allowed displaying as text (start and end date fields don’t allow this).

Not quite sure about your comment about recipient needing to be current user as that kind of defeats the purpose of the exercise. Current user has the calendar in the app, recipient needs the email to put appointment in to their calendar :slight_smile:

@J805 I’ve already emailed bubble support and working with them too :slight_smile: But yes, adding start and end date into the body text made display nicer in both gmail app and mail app :slight_smile:

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In my scheduling application I send an email to both the host and the user making the booking, so two emails to two different users, potentially in two different time zones.

If you are only sending the email to one user who is the current user than you don’t need to worry about keeping track of their timezone to use dynamically and can just use the current users time zone in the formatting expression.

Glad you got things to work using my suggestion. To help future users who may have the same issue and stumble on this thread, please mark it as the solution so any future user will know this thread has a solution and they can easily spot it and make use of it as well.

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