Issue with uploading CSV File

Hi all, I’ve met an issue with uploading csv file in Bubble.
Here is the error message. How can I fix it? First upload, my fields were in number type. But I’ve change it to text and I still having this message error.

I don’t really know how to upload the file. Help please.

Thanks in advance.

Probably because “25,2” isn’t a number. If you want to import that as a string, do that. If you want it as a number make sure your column is formatted as numbers (e.g., 25.2).

I need users to be able to upload a report that is downloaded directly from eBay. This report would then ideally not be opened and edited by user at all and instead just uploaded into my app as is.

The issue is eBay puts a $ sign in front of the sale price, tax collected, shipping collected, etc…

This causes the csv import to not be recognized and uploads a blank field if I have the field set as a number.

Is there anyway to convert this after import from text to number?


@dropshiptyler1 What is your goal to upload it as a number? Do you want to use if for a specific objective?
Otherwise, if you only would like to display data, ti should work.

I want to be able to run profit calculations off it.

One option is to create a temp table for the uploaded data, then once the file uploads, run an API Workflow to convert the data to the correct format and write to a second, permanent table.

A second option is to have the data upload initially to a third party service such as Parabola, do the data manipulation, then post to Bubble via the API.

Welp, guess I need to learn about API workflows now.

Thanks! For the reply!