Fix problems with CSV file through bubble

Hello everyone. I am having a problem with a file upload feature in my app.

The user needs to upload a csv file which they can obtain from their POS software, and we have an upload button which works perfectly and uploads the file.

The problem is that the csv file created by the POS software is “damaged”. There are quotations at the start and end of the whole text, so instead of having 5 columns it only has one, as csv reads everything as one text only.

Obviously, i can’t ask my users to go to notepad++ and fix the file every time they want to upload it, so i was wondering if there was anything i could do?

The obvious fix is to just edit the csv file and remove the starting and ending quotations, but how can i do this through bubble?

What’s your flow from upload to displaying the data back to the customer?

Is there a gap when it gets processed as text at all that you could find and replace quotation marks?

this is the workflow i have:

basically, when they click a button the file gets saved and the data this file from step 4 (a csv file) gets transferred to the bubble database at step 6.
The problem with this data i get is that i have only 1 field which has all the csv text, instead of 5 fields each corresponding , as the csv file has extra quotations at the start and end of each row

I have thought about processing this as text and replacing it but i havent found any solution to read the text from the file and edit it