Issue with view a page - send data issue

Hello all,

I am on a repeating group page with different content, attempting to click on each cell and go to another page with a different content. In the editor, I complete the destination field with the name of the page; but upon entering the data to send field I cannot find any valid option from the suggestions.

I select Do a search for option and select the datatype but the data to send field is red indicating an issue. When I select the first item or last item, I only view the first item of the list on the destination page, each time I click any of the cells within the repeating group (with up to 20 items).

Is anyone kind enough to suggest, how to work around the ‘Data to send’ field so I can that on the destination page, I can view the exact data relating to the cell within the repeating group.

Thank you very much.

Just send the current cell’s thing.

Thanks for your response Adam! :slight_smile: