Help <3 Move App data from one thing to another

Hi so I am having a lot of trouble with one thing. I have gotten part of it to work but struggle with the second part. I have a user fill out a form which requests money from a user.

Once they press request it goes to a table where it keeps track of who requested it and who they are requesting it from.

Now where I’m struggling is to now get it to appear on a dashboard of the user who is being requested of the money. In my users database I have a datatype called RequestedPayments but I can’t get the list from my requests data table to there.

If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate this!

Hi there, @jdrevnyak… if I understand your post correctly, I think a repeating group with a data source that is a Search for requests with a constraint where recipient of request = Current User's phone should do the trick. I just tested an example and it seems to produce the desired result, again, if my understanding of what you are trying to do is correct.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for reaching out

I’m getting an error. “Value should be user but right now it is a text.”

You’ve selected your user’s phone number as the search constraint value (which is a text), hence the error. Your recipients are ‘users’, so you need to select a ‘user’ for the value.

So just select ‘current user’ and that should give you what you’re after.

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I’m not sure that’s it, @adamhholmes, because recipient of request is not a user.

@jdrevnyak, in the example I created, the recipient of request and phone fields have the same field type. What are those field types in your app?

That semi fixed it, I am getting 2 boxes now for the 2 things in my table but nothing is appearing inside with these as text.

recipient of request is set to User because it’s linked to a user of the website phone is data type number.

Ah, okay… my bad… then yup, what Adam said.

Yeah what Adam said fixed it but now can’t get the values to display inside the repeated group

Shouldn’t that be Current cell's request's cost?

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Love you! Yes that worked! Thank you both so much!


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