Page Not Collapsing

We have two groups of elements — one for a wide page and one for a narrow page.
One is hidden when the page is less <= 1200, the other is hidden when the page is bigger than 1200.

  • Both groups are setup to collapse when hidden.
  • The main group is also setup to collapse when hidden.
  • There are no other overlapping groups.
  • All groups within the groups are setup to collapse when hidden.

Similarly, when I hide the main group (that’s holding both the wide / narrow groups) and set that to collapse when hidden and then hide it, it also doesn’t collapse as it should.

My question is (1) is this a known bug? (2) did something change in the platform that messes with collapse?

I’ve used this process 100+ times without problems.

I am having an issue with collapse on a reusable element. I’ve notified support but they are unable to reproduce the issue and I’ve seen their video demonstrating on their side the behavior is as normal.

As they are making changes to the responsive engine, this may be a side effect, although like most bugs it is not consistent across the entire platform.

Sometimes when I have an issue with collapse and I am implementing the same techniques I have always done, there is a slight issue that throws it all off, so I usually wait a day to look at it again with fresh eyes. If after reviewing and I still don’t resolve it I send off a bug report.

Usually support will offer some kind of approach that resolves the issue. Sometimes it is creating another group that spans the entire height of the page which is set to collapse when hidden, and is hidden always. Other times it could be a need to add a collapsable group just underneath the wide group that spans the remainder of the page height and hide it always.

With most of my experiences with the collapse height issue, I send off a bug report pretty quickly these days.