Issues with the Search element x functionality in Bubble

Unable to get this Map Element to work. Currently taking a course with the No Code MBA platform. We are cloning Airbnb so now trying to make the search functionality and Map work, mostly for me right now is the search element.

Search element is unable to populate data.
My design tab:

My search results preview page:

Paramers inputted on home page:

How the data is inputted in the pop-up aggregator:

I would first make sure these page parameters are coming correctly to the page (like Address, Guests etc.) Maybe display them in a text element first before passing them on to the search filter immediately.

If they are coming correctly, then, I would still do the filtering step by step. First filter by one of them (like the easiest is guest number), then filter by the address.

If this is not working until this point, then I would try with a plain address first. Address is a complicated data type in Bubble. Try filtering in the search results not from page parameters but write a manual address you know of and make sure the filtering works with this address.

This will at least narrow the problem down to address coming from the URL page parameter is not matching to an address in Bubble requested by ... is within X miles of... operator.

So, you will be one more step closer to solving the problem if that’s the case.

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Hi hergin, I tried the above but nothing suffice.

You should give more details about what worked and what not. That’s how you can narrow down the problem.

  1. Can you get the page params successfully and display it in a text field before using it in a filter?
  2. Can you do the filtering with a manual address?

Hi hergin,
I actually decided to build another web app. I have been facing other issues with that so had not got back to this one in a few.