Search engine like Airbnb

Hello everybody !

I hope that would be possible to send group data to an other page ?

Maybe, create a repeating group and send the detail on a new page.

Because i want to create search engine and product page just as airbnb. :slightly_smiling:

Thank you.


Yes, it’s very possible. Have you done the lesson ‘Send data to pages’ at That’s what you need. You can use a Go To page action or a link element, and use the data the send option.

See this


Hey @emmanuel question?

I created a search box that has the google places auto complete option.

What i’m trying to do is, when a user inputs a city in the search box and clicks a button next to it;

I would like to send that data (user input) to a specific page.

But, the problem i’m having is when i start the workflow.

‘When Button SEARCH is clicked’ i want to ‘Go to page specific page’.

In ‘Destination’ i choose: “specific page”,

and in ‘Data to Send’ i want to choose ‘AutocompleteDropdown Type your City’ but i’m not allowed to click that option.

And a small text below it states ‘Incompatible type’.

What am i doing wrong?

“Send data to page” doesn’t send “data”, it sends an id of data type on the database. So a pointer.

To send the city as text you would need to use a parameter.

Although I would make sure you really just want to send a text value, if you want to do something with the city when you get there (like look other stuff up) you might want to send it via other means.


That’s work ! Thank you :grin:
You’re really doing a great job with bubble


Hey @NigelG Thanks for the reply.

What i’m trying to get done with the address (city) the user inputs, is when that user clicks the search button once having typed their city. Is for the the destination page to use that input to rank a set of ‘destination cards’ from nearest to the users address (city).

For example, lets say i have an application that finds art museums near you. You type in your city in the search box, and click search. Then on the destination page you get a repeating group of art museum(s) ranked (sort(ed) by) from nearest to your address.

Here is a link to the Open App: (Please show me how it’s done. Also i don’t know if it was all in my head or what; but, i believe i was able to send the user input (address) before without needing the parameters. I was playing around with the options, and when i tried to replicate what i had done, i couldn’t figure out how i had done it.)

The current page is ‘sending_geographical_data’.

The page i would like to send “data” to is ‘card_results’.

I appreciate the time you take @NigelG to help me and others.

Speaking of Search, it would be nice if one could use Cypher query language (like in Neo4j graph DB) queries, since Bubble makes its DB look like a graph-based one (by allowing references to other Types from one Type).



Hi @birbilis

I´ll try this exactly feature.
I have a developer account at GrapheneDB and want to integrate my neo4j data to Bubble.
Maybe using Bubble API request to GrapheneDB.

Any clues ? Cheers

Hi Lorenco,
I am thinking how to connect Neo4j DB to a Bubble app and stumbled onto your question about Neo4j. It looks like you tried to solve the same problem a year ago. Did you succeed? Could you share what was your solution?


I suggest watching Codefree Startup. It discusses those issues and the teacher is very thorough.