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Issues - Workflows and Elements inside Repeating Groups

As of yesterday, the app I made with Bubble had no errors in it. When I opened it today, there were already issues and errors. I’m not sure what caused this.

To give context about the app:
It is a TEST/ EXAM app.
After a student answers and finishes the exam, the certain buttons (‘Submit,’ ‘Hint,’ ‘Pause Exam,’ and others) would be hidden and other buttons would appear. All these button elements are inside a repeating group.

Here’s a screenshot of the issue:

The problem comes from
Workflows connected to elements inside Repeating Groups.

Can the Bubble team help me fix this? :slight_smile: @emmanuel

We did push a fix that wasn’t catching some issues that should be fixed. So you should fix them.

You can’t access an element inside a repeating group from the outside, that’s why you’re seeing this.

Okay. Why can’t it be like the old system? It works fine. But I think I can find a work-around for it. Thanks! :slight_smile: