Bugs? something get broken?

Wondering if anyone has issues this morning? I woke up to 23 in editor but when I click on individual issues they are still blue and still working in the app? Basically it’s saying an element cant see another element because its in a repeating group or on another page. Which it is in a repeating group but I have no operating issues?

We just pushed a fix to the issue checker that wasn’t showing some errors. What this error means is that from where you’re using this expression, this element cannot be ‘seen’. For instance, if you have an input ‘Input A’ in a repeating group, and from the outside try to refer ‘Input A’, Bubble will not be able to figure out which input to look at, as there will be more than one. If you are in the same cell the expression would be able to see it

In general, you can’t build expressions with elements that cannot be seen, but if you drag the element outside of the cell.

What I recommend is going through these 23 expressions and confirm you can build the expression with the options in the dropdown.


Ok gotcha, thanks for the explanation. :+1:

Yes it was all just stuff that would have needed cleaning up anyways from copy and paste. whew!

And it’s good to fix these, because in run mode they actually can slow things down, as Bubble will try to find the elements. (we’re pushing a fix to show them as red [missing element] instead, which is more consistent with how we handle such situations.


Would it be possible to see the description of an specific error hovering the mouse over the element showing in red (as a tooltip)?

Right now, if you have a lot of errors, you mtight see an element in red, but in order to see what the description of the error is, you must go to the list of errors, and scroll to find one error that matches that element.

Just a suggestion that would help us.


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It would have been great to have a heads up via email (let me know if I missed this), as I now have 59 errors (and counting) I have to fix before pushing a pretty urgent update. Is there a way to ignore errors and push anyway?

You can deploy select changes by scrolling down the popup and pick the change you want to deploy (it has to be part of the current editing session).

I very strongly recommend fixing these 59 issues though, they make your app look very slow in run mode.

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Thanks for that update!

It was really hard to investigate this kind of issue when a conditional doesn’t work properly due to the fact, that it has references to another repeating group or a reusable element, etc.

Can you share the alternative to having an input sit inside a repeatable group, for example? What’s the fix?

It’s not clear what I’m supposed to be fixing. The error notifications are vague.

From what I experienced you can’t reference data in that way anyways.
Try deleting one error at a time and see what happens.

Actually @emmanuel I think there is an error in the error checking …

If you are referring to a repeating group item like this …

Repeating Group’s List of Items : first item Name

It will ping the error however that is selectable in the drop downs.

I have raised a bug.

@NigelG Have you gotten feedback on this yet? I’m also concerned about this new error designation.

@NigelG @ajanssen We are trying to recreate the exception case for the flagged issues. If you have a test page already setup, please share. We are trying a few things in the mean time.

Unfortunately you can’t create the errors post the changes… As the editor now won’t let you.

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