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Items not visible in the editor canvas

Hi all - Iam new to Bubble, Iam start learning creating an app that has a lateral menu of the height of the screen. The issue Iam experience is that in the editor Iam not able to see the elements Iam creating and editing that overflows the lenght of the window.
I created some items, then added things in between that pushed down those items. The items are in the element tree as well as in the preview, but are not visible in the visual editor.

Can anyone may have an idea of what can I be doing wrong?


Are your items visible on page load. If they aren’t visible on page load, then the editor hides them by default (at least it does for me). You have to unhide them via the element tree.

If they are visible on page load, then I am not sure. I’m sure someone else here will have a solution for you. Good luck.

Thanks Doug for helping me out here, yes they are visible when the poad load.

Thanks, Aye