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When I reload my app most of the elements are set to "hidden" on the elements tree?

Whenever I reload my app in the editor most of the elements become hidden in the elements tree. It’s annoying because I have to go to the elements tree and unhide everything before I start working.

So I have two questions:

  1. why is this happening?
  2. how do I stop it? Is there a setting or something?


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Can you provide a screenshot or loom ?

Are your elements set to “display on page load” ?

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Hello @alex.lefkowitz

From what I’ve experienced with the tree elements, is that focus groups, pop-ups and elements which are not visible on page load are hidden by default in bubble editor.

So in order to edit , you’ll need to actually access the element, as far as I know.


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Ah I’m dumb, that’s exactly it! Elements that are hidden on page load are also hidden by default in the element tree in the editor. Thanks!

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