Responses to the Bubble Survey

I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone’s responses to the Bubble survey were that asked how likely you would be to recommend Bubble to others.

Mine was (roughly):
Although it can be slow to return data (Australia) I would 100% recommend Bubble to others due to the: ease of use, features, and excellent customer and community support. If Bubble was faster and less expensive it could also be separated off into a separate product as a website builder but I am happy as is with it’s job as a web application builder for start ups. If there was a server near Australia that increased speed I would recommend it further. Native app functionality is also important to me (for some projects) and I would prefer to give $1000 a year to Bubble rather than to DropSource and this would also increase my recommendations.

So I’m not in Australia, therefore can’t comment on the performance of your site(s).

But in terms of pricing, I think it’s fine and honestly worth it for what you are receiving. It’s really hard to grasp just how convenient and powerful bubble is. The flexibility and speed at which you can build something is out of league compared to other methods. There are companies thriving because of this platform.

Just need to be patient with the performance issues for now, in time I’m sure they’ll get better :slight_smile:


Yes I’m not worried about the performance as it is improving all the time and I’ve seen it get better and better over the years. My latest app is pretty tightly set-up for data performance. The pricing is also fine ($85 a month AUD).

My comments on pricing and speed are related to the suggested idea that they spin off a separate product for just building websites which might be used by the ‘dentists from Ohio’ market where if speed was better and pricing cheaper they could compete with WordPress. But I understand that’s not the space they are in and they probably have zero interest in targeting that market.