Jan 31 Downtime Disconnect

Due to the problem this morning with the main cluster I took a look at the status page. I noticed that there was an incident on the 31st. I was “off the grid” most of Wednesday so I had not noticed the incident. On the status page it shows that it was a pretty significant event; 6 hours and 15 minutes of partial downtime. https://status.bubble.is/uptime

That’s the worst outage I have seen since I started using Bubble, so I figured there would be quite a bit of detail about what happened. I want to the Forums and there wasn’t a peep that I can tell. Not even a message from Bubble.

Finally, I remembered to go look at the incident report https://status.bubble.is/incidents/0x8h9779f169
and there is a big disconnect. This incident report implies there was maybe 6 minutes of outage, not 6 hours.

So can someone from Bubble connect the dots for me here? Which data is correct? The incident report or the historic status page? I am very concerned about a 6 hour outage…not so much a 6 minute one.



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Just pinging this. Were folks at Bubble aware of the disconnected data? Do you know which is correct? @neerja

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There was no 6 hour downtime but if you personally run into any issues with accessing your app, please reach out to support immediately.