Main Bubble Cluster down again

Cool :+1: :sweat_smile:



Well yeah… it’s Monday. Weren’t you expecting this?

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I would’ve been alarmed if it weren’t down.

Okay, that was a quick recovery. I’ll admit that

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s true. To drop below 99 you really have to go down a lot.

An avg month has 44.8k minutes so to drop to 99.0% is 448 minutes (7.5hrs) of down time. In one stretch that’s a lot…

Spread across a month in multiple times of 10 min it’s not as bad but still 7.5 hrs of down time in the month.

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I Still got issues… cannot login… anyone else?

The main issue with Availability % is that it doesn’t reflect each app’s main Agreed service time (i.e., our main users are connected between 8 am EST and 5 pm EST, so our perceived Availability % falls to 99.37% for the last 60 days because all incidences in the last 60 days happened between 9:30 am EST and 4:30 pm EST).

I just wish it could be more stable.

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Yeah… again.

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