Javascript content (Zing Chart) disappears on mobile

I’m using Javascript code to embed a Zing Chart ( in my app. It renders fine on desktop, but on mobile, it either never renders or it renders once and then disappears upon reloading the page (iOS, Android, multiple devices, multiple browsers yield a variation of the same problem).

Interestingly, if I open a new incognito tab on my mobile browser (i.e. with a fresh cache), I can always get the chart to appear. But even then, only once. Refresh the page, it disappears.

Is there a way disable whatever Javascript caching Bubble may be instructing the mobile browser to do? Or (if my diagnosis that it’s cache-related is wrong), any ideas for how else to fix the problem?

A simple Bubble page with only the Zing Chart is here:

Thanks in advance!

I’ve solved the issue.

In case it applies for anyone else, I moved all the javascript I had been injecting into the page header directly into the HTML element within the page. Don’t know why that worked, but it did.