Page not displaying on mobile

Hello everyone,

I have an issue that I absolutely don’t understand. I’ve created a web app that allows access to a quiz with a single question. When you click on the correct answer, you’re supposed to arrive on a page (which contains only one button).

The problem is that this page doesn’t open on mobile, including when I simulate my computer as a mobile device. The flow of the web app works fine when I’m on a PC but not on a phone!

Do you have any idea where this might be coming from? Thank you.

Here is the preview link: Passeletemps

It looks like your main page call_to_action has a mobile version set:

Thank you for your response! However, I’m sorry, I don’t understand what ‘sticky’ refers to. In which section can I access this ‘sticky’ window?
Thank you very much

Sticky-stickym doesn’t matter. It is just names in my sample app. You, find the properties of your call_to_action page and make sure Mobile version is empty.

You can open the property page clicking-doubleclicking on an empty place on the page.

okty Hergin ! I have just assigned the mobile version of the associated page, and it seems to be working now

Great. Mark the solution so others can find it easily in the future for similar problems.

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I do that now ! You’re the boss

Now that I’ve assigned this page to the respective mobile page, my popups no longer appear in the right place; they are shifted upwards to the right. Do you know where this is coming from? It’s the last time I bother you, I promise haha.

That’s something about design you have to analyze a little bit.

If you welcome unsolicited advice, you can design this page in a responsive way for both mobile and desktop. I suggest you do that instead of having separate pages. Harder to manage. Learning responsive will help you a lot in the future: