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Hi I am creating a job posting website and I am having trouble figuring out how to let the applicant apply for the job within the website and then for the person/company who posted the job to accept or deny the applicant. I want it to be done within the website so that when the applicant has been accepted he will receive a message/alert in his profile telling him all the information that he needs for the particular job.

I am struggling to work out how I need to organise this within the workflow and if I need to create extra data fields etc…

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Hi Simon,

Welcome to the forum Simon.

There are quite a few ways you could achieve this. You haven’t left much detail on how you want the system to work so you’ll probably get a few broad overviews like mine below.

I’m assuming your applicants all have accounts and they are logged in when they make an application.

I would set up a data type (application). That would have all your fields you would need for your applications (including which job they were applying to, the user who applied as well as some sort of outcome field (be that a text field or simple accepted: yes / no).

On the employer end I imagine you’d have a repeating group set up of all applicants filtered by that specific job. Maybe the employer would have 2 simple buttons Accept or reject. Both with simple workflows going off them

Something like:

(If accept button was hit):

  1. Make changes to a thing (current cells applicant): Change ‘Outcome’ field to Accepted
  2. Send email: Sends email step 1s users email… write email…

If you understand how Relational Databases work you should be able to solve this. You can Connect Databases to eachother. By creating a Data Table called Jobs. Within Jobs you would create a Table Called Applicant with Field Type User.

This way you connect the Application to the Job in the Workflow by making Changes to Current Page Job when a User applies to the job with this change: Applicant = Current User

Simon, go buy this course. It’s totally worth it. It’s the only one you need. It’s 10 hours but teaches you all the basics.

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