I need help with showing the right data in my repeating Group

Hello guys, I’m currently creating a job board, but I want to create a page where the job poster would be able to see all the applications submitted to the job posted. I don’t understand how I would filter the repeating group to only show submitted applications for only the jobs posted by a company.

On the data type you use for application submissions you should have a data field that is related to the Job it was submitted for. Then you can also add a field related to the Company.

On the User data type you should add a field for Company.

Then you can search for application submissions and have constraint that the Company = current Users Company.

Thank you for the reply, but I’d need some clarifications. What did you mean by data field that’s related to the job submitted for and a data field related to company? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi there, @mubaraqishola23… what Boston is saying at a high level is you need to have the appropriate associations/links between your data types in order to show the right data to the right users.

You say you want to have a page where a user who posted a job can see all of the applications that have been submitted for that job. In this case, there is already an association between the user and the job through the built-in Created by field on the job data type. Now, you need an association between an application and a job, and that could be as simple as adding a field to the application data type that stores the job for which the application is being submitted.

With the job field in place on the application data type, you can create the page you described by searching for applications where the value in the application’s job field is the job in question, and the user will be able to see the applications because they can see the job since they created the job in the first place.

Hope this helps.


Thanks so much for the clarification.

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