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Join Us Thursdays For Bubble “Office Hours”!

Hi Everyone!

Sign up for this week’s “Office Hours” on Thursday at 11am EST! Bring your questions and a link to your application’s editor, and you’ll get grouped together with other participants based on your experience level for peer-to-peer guidance. I will make the rounds and try to answer as many questions as I can during the hour. My goal is to work with everyone who attends. Register for the next “Office Hours” here.


Great initiatives Carla.


This is great and much needed @carla

This announcement really excite me. Great Initiative @carla.


Ummmm…I love this.

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I would like @JohnMark to also provide play by play commentary on a separate stream in ESPN voice.


Great! Just registered.

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I registered! Thank you soooooo much for doing this. Bubble is changing my life and will soon change those of my community members, I can’t wait for them to see the app I built :heart_eyes:

Thanks this is a great idea

Wow, very nice!!!

Legends! Thank you!

This is awesome! Many thanks, Carla. Looking forward to joining the next one.

Very cool. Look forward to it.

Amazing initiative! Thanks a lot for doing that! Joining this Thursday

Excelente iniciativa. Anotei e brevemente irei participar.

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Hello I registered for today’s meeting but I don’t know how to find where it’s going to take place. I didn’t receive an email with a link of any kind, where do I go when it’s time?