(joke) How do I think some people see Bubble based on their pricing suggestions:

(This is just a joke, don’t hurt me :joy: let’s laugh a bit from this)

So, after reading people’s opinion on how Bubble should behave, I believe that the best they can do is to change their pricing to $2/month with unlimited everything and real time coaching and support both working 24/7, also their logo to this:

Also to amend this, they have to purchase Wappler and make it available in a free forever unmetered plan with legal repercussions if they ever shut it down.

On a less joking tone, c’mon, Wappler and Bubble are not even close competitors (good luck to everyone that’ll attempt to migrate), and finally after almost a decade we’re having an announcement of one possible competitor. I mean, where the h*** has everyone else been all that time (8 years)? Why has nobody came up with a serious initiative that competes with Bubble until now?

And I’d like to add my wish to the Christmas card we’re writing: Hotfix branch on personal plan! Just one will do.


$2 is a lot just have a custom domain don’t you think…


Ok…I hope Bubble uses that logo for the holiday season.

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