Pricing idea (Personal opinion)

I know there are similiar topics but I would like to express my personal thought on the pricing as I would prefer that Bubble restructures their packages to fit for all needs.

Some basic ideas would be:

  • Hobby Plan with the ability to add a custom domain. Removing the branding would be possible if users decide to upgrade to Personal Plan. ( A lot of users would be thrilled to test out their ideas before they upgrade from Hobby to Personal) <— It doesn’t cost Bubble an extra cent to allow users having a custom domain.

  • Put a cap of visitors/traffic on the Hobby or Personal Plan. i.e a Hobby plan with 5000 visitors a day is not a hobby anymore but a business and should be charged the $25 USD per month.

  • Add a third package for Individuals at around $40 that would allow up to 3 apps.

  • Allow businesses to choose their server region.

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