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Just a general question / cache from the old website

Hi guys, i have just lauched a website
The thing is that, i have changed the nameservers, and then from the domain registrar i changed the DNS records.
Before the current website, we had another one which was hosted by another company and the nameservers were poiting to them.
Now the issue, we had around 50.000 visitors on our old website, and most of them cannot view the current website unless they clear cache. What they see now is this:

Now the question is, if i change the nameservers back to the previous hosting company, and make the changes to DNS from there, do you think that users who visited the site before can see the new version?

Thank you

It’s most likely your Time to Live (TTL). This is usually set to 24 hours. You could check the setting and if it’s set to 86400 try temporarily lowering it to 300 and see if that helps or just wait a day for it to be rechecked.

Thank you. i ll just wait a few more days and see what hapens